Amonkhet Standard Showdown
at 637 Rose Street Williamsport,
Starts on May 6, 2017 at 4:00PM
 Ends on May 6, 2017 at 8:00PM
We will be having an Amonkhet Standard Showdown event from 4 PM - 8 PM. Its entry fee is $5. There will be both Amonkhet packs and Show Down packs for prize support.

What's Standard Showdown?

Starting May 6, you'll have the opportunity to schedule the most popular constructed format—Standard— on Saturdays or Sundays, all the way up to the Prerelease of Hour of Devastation.

Use this weekly event to help grow your Standard community and boost repeat play throughout Amonkhet.

WPN members of Core level and above can sign up through Wizards Event Reporter to receive a number of Standard Showdown boosters based on your store level and how many events you schedule.

Hand these special boosters out to participating players. We recommend prioritizing undefeated players, returning players from previous weeks, new players, and player who brought a friend.

What Formats Can Be Run?

Standard Showdown is a Standard format event.

How Many Events Can Be Run?

You can schedule one event per week on Saturday or Sunday (excluding Game Day weekend).

What’s in the Standard Showdown Packs?

Standard Showdown: Amonkhet booster packs each contain four cards*:

2 rare or mythic rare from a currently legal Standard set
1 Amonkhet full-art land
1 premium card of any rarity from a currently legal Standard set, including Amonkhet full-art lands
*Standard Showdown: Amonkhet booster packs do not include Masterpieces.

The number of packs you receive will be based on your store level and the number of events you schedule in WER:

Core level: 3 packs per weekly event
Advanced level: 6 packs per weekly event
Advanced Plus level: 9 packs per weekly event
Log in to Wizards Event Reporter to schedule your events!